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  • 3aLab iRadio

    About Product
    Size: 8.5Mb

    Price: €18.95
    iRadio is a new way of capturing and collecting music from radio stations over the Internet. This is a standalone program: it means that it does not use any preinstalled SDK or media platforms like Windows Media for recording and playing media streams. Integrated easy search engine allows you to find favorite radio by genre or keyword, to choose bitrate and other characteristics.

    You can listen and record radios at the same time.

    iRadio receives much more information about listening track: track parameters, name, stream name, stream type, bitrate, genre etc. iRadio automatically saves every new track in a separate file with the corresponding file name. While listening to a track you can get it full even if you have started recording from the middle. You can optionally select saving tracks in directories with current date and time. There are many more unique options allowing you to arrange your music and make new downloads.

    There is an integrated CD recording engine* that allows to create music CDs with CDA and MP3 formats. You have no difficulty in selecting and mixing tracks for recording a disk. Each track's parameters and full selected time are indicated.

    * - You have to install Ahead Nero 5.1 and higher to have this feature

    Searching internet radio stations

    Stealing the streaming audio to MP3 files

    Schedule radio recording for special time

    Burn MP3 files to CD (audio or data), Edit (Split & Merge) ripped MP3s

    Web Navigator for parsing URLs and get radio stations URLs
    iRadio main features

  • Play and record internet radio
  • Integrated search for radio stations by genre or keyword
  • Full track information
  • Separate track recording
  • Auto track caching
  • Several player options
  • Support the most popular radio stream formats
  • Proxy connections support
  • Scheduler (read about "iRadio Scheduler" below)
  • Media Convertor (convert any to mp3)
  • Media Splitter
  • Creation of CD's with your favourite music
  • Easy CD mixing
  • CDA and MP3 format for audio CD
  • Retransmission of radio programs to many users
  • Equalizer
  • Web Navigator

  • iRadio Scheduler

    iRadio Scheduler allows playing and recording radios at the specified time. Every scheduled task can be executed once, daily, weekly by days or monthly. So, you can schedule playing and recording all tracks or set executed action duration. You don't need iRadio to be running for scheduled task succesfull executing. When each scheduled task time comes, system automatically launch iRadio and start selected action.

    Service "Task Scheduler" must be enabled and started in system.

    System requirements

    10 Mb of free space on your HDD, 32 Mb RAM, 200 Mhz CPU or higher, soundcard, internet connection 33.6 bps or faster, operation system WinXP/2003.

    Supported streams

  • Windows Media
  • Winamp ShoutCast
  • Winamp Live 365
  • QuickTime Darvin

  • What is internet radio?

    There are two types of commonly used server, both can handle video and audio media transmission over the internet, but with good and bad points for each. They are, Standard Host Web Servers and Streaming Media Servers. Standard host servers use a basic HTTP protocol and are normally used for holding things like web sites, FTP and email. Read more...

    Size: 8.5Mb

    Price: €18.95
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